What is the sound of one hand clapping?

image credit Yotube

image credit Yotube

Writer: Acharia Prashant /Article source: https://www.quora.com

Dear Friend,

  • All our life, only that has happened to us, which has a cause and an effect.
  • All our life, only that has happened to us, which is dualistic.

When the Zen Master is saying that, “Go and listen to the sound of one hand clapping”, he is challenging you.

He is saying that “Now, for once, can anything happen in your life which is un-caused, which is non-dual?”

Two hands are required to clap, which means that in your life everything is dualistic, that everything depends on past and future, everything is cause and effect, everything is material.

Now the Master is asking, “Can you find out that which is and yet is not caused?” The sound is, surely, because he is saying, “Go, listen to that sound.” But it cannot be a caused sound. For the sound to be caused, there must be two hands.

Master is saying, “Now, can you listen to the silent music, to the un-caused sound?” He is challenging him to go and listen to Anhad.

And when you start living in that, which is unreasonable, which has nothing behind it, which is not coming from your own past actions, then you are fit to be initiated. You can even be called Enlightened. That is about the Koan of ‘Sound of one hand clapping’.

Can you be touched by the non-dual?’ – that is the mission of the student.