Mindfulness and Meditation is Not the Same Thing.

I recommend this article for those who is curious about mindfulness and what it's all about. The thing is, I've been searching for ways on how to explain the function of meditation, how it works in practice and why do we need to practice it. Meditation is not the answer to all problems, it is a practice designed to help as self-realize and become aware, so we could walk in that awareness with open eyes that can actually see the reality as is. Here is a link to the article and the author makes good points here. http://www.businessinsider.com/everyone-touts-the-power-of-mindfulness-but-we-dont-know-what-it-is-2017-10

I agree with the point in this article that mindfulness and meditation is not the same thing. For those of you who want to learn and get deeper into meditation to see how it can help you to completely transform your outlook on how things are, which will then transform your life; I would suggest you do more reading to build that foundation and understand how it all works. Because, in reality we can force ourselves to sit and practice meditation and mindfulness, and look for the way, while not understanding the basics that are the foundation, and it is important to start with that if you are serious about being awakened/aware.

I recently wrote a few blog articles on formless approach to meditation and its function; they are posted on my webpage malibuquietude.com and face book page under the same name. I encourage everyone to read and comment, because we all have some understanding and knowledge and we should share and learn from each other, so please share what you know.  The transformation starts with each of us helping each other and sharing.

I am searching for collaborators and those likeminded folks who could contribute to figure out how we can build a bridge between science and spirituality. The thing is, we are consciousness and it is not that difficult to grasp the concept of that, but it is difficult to live it, because we see it as something that we got to grasp and we are missing the point. We associate our identity with our mind and that is something that is tripping us to see the truth. 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the article I am sharing here, and  please share your thoughts on it. Cheers,

-Innessa Ray

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You can't rely on just meditation — you also have to address any outstanding mental issues.Brendan McDermid/Reuters