Beach Guided Meditation

Beach Guided Meditation

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Enhance your awareness, focus and creativity with this 45 min beach guided meditation session. Share these moments of the eternal Now with like-minded folks where we all unite in our mission to create better and live better. Tap into the healing energy of nature by resting your eyes on the ocean, taking deep breaths of fresh air, and really feel yourself as one with all of it. -Our primary focus is on self-realization and cultivating right perspective on our reality and truth.

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Hello and Wellcome to Our Wellness Community!

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ATTENTION: This class is designed to help cultivate awareness, whereas each of us share the experience of being present in the moment with ourselves and everyone and everything else in the Universe. We tune into our inner world where we can see the opportunity of self-realization and awakening that unfold from our remembering of who we really are.