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The Ocean and The Wave-Monday Meditation

A wave swells, the ocean diversified and distinguished. Thoughts flash like diamonds on the sun-dazzled sea. Sadness, anger, and fear ebb and flow through Presence, profounder than the deepest blue. Every drop of life is eternal. Every finite form is infinite. What a beautiful metaphor. The ocean, and the wave.

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Learning To Wield Fire-Meditation Tip

Rather than being about bliss and transcendence, spirituality is about getting down and dirty with our darkest feelings. Of course, there are those moments of “satori” and “out-of-body” experience, but they only serve as fuel and courage to face the less ecstatic energies of our earthly journey.

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What is Formless Meditation? - Meditation Tip for Today
1. Don't look for a specific technique/way when it comes to meditation; "Technic can be nothing more than a failed style." (I must heard that somewhere, but sounds like Bruce Lee).
2. Don't complicate things. Bruce Lee once said, in teaching his Jeet Kune Do: "One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity." Keep it simple. Be authentic. That's all to it.
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