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The Celebration of Life-Meditation Tip

Rather than trying to celebrate every moment of life, try to see that every moment is already a celebration. Even your dark energies are dancing. Your sadness is unfurling like a spring bloom. Your anger is burning like an ethereal fire. Your anxiety is twirling in an endless pirouette. It is not in your best interest to “crash the party.” It is in your best interest to let them dance!

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Climbing the Mountain: One Conscious Breath at a Time

The only way to make space for lighter feelings in the future, is to make space for the darker feelings of the present. This is the path, and any thought or feeling allowed is a step in the right direction. Choose to feel sad over pursuing the “end of sadness.” Choose to feel angry over chasing the “end of anger.” Choose to feel “lonely” over seeking the “end of loneliness.” Make space for the darkness, and you will soon be filled with light.

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