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Pixie Dust and Presence-Meditation Tip

Use this time to remember your true nature, as the spectator of the Universe’s breathtaking performance. You are the Presence beneath your thoughts, the Awareness which envelops your feelings. You are the Formlessness beneath the ever-morphing forms. You are God’s witness, and Mother Nature’s eternal eyes.

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Learning To Wield Fire-Meditation Tip

Rather than being about bliss and transcendence, spirituality is about getting down and dirty with our darkest feelings. Of course, there are those moments of “satori” and “out-of-body” experience, but they only serve as fuel and courage to face the less ecstatic energies of our earthly journey.

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New Year Resolution: Meditation Tip

Close your eyes and imagine that your body is made not of a single form, but of millions of smaller forms, vibrating in unison. Now imagine that the ground under you is not solid, but a liquid composition of infinite particles, clustered neatly together to appear “solid.” Now, imagine that vibrating atoms from your body are not actually separate from the surface you are sitting on. Cells from your body mingle with particles from the floor, so that there is no real way to distinguish where your body ends and the floor begins!

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