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How to navigate in a quagmire of questionable "gurus", "teachers", and "healers"

Return to reason. Your own natural faculty to reason is your best guide to achieving a positive life experience. Keep in mind that the narrative is always being deployed to convey a higher concept. Just like the poor atom, it can sometimes fall outside of what is "true", while still preserving the intention and integrity of the information. It can serve as a guidepost, but we must push beyond it to find higher meaning and deeper truth.

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Climbing the Mountain: One Conscious Breath at a Time

The only way to make space for lighter feelings in the future, is to make space for the darker feelings of the present. This is the path, and any thought or feeling allowed is a step in the right direction. Choose to feel sad over pursuing the “end of sadness.” Choose to feel angry over chasing the “end of anger.” Choose to feel “lonely” over seeking the “end of loneliness.” Make space for the darkness, and you will soon be filled with light.

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How to Mend a Broken Heart-Meditation Tip

Today’s entry is about mending a broken heart. But I am tempted to call it “How not to mend a broken heart,” and I hope that by time you’re done reading, you will know why.

What do you do if you see a child crying, and want to make her feel better? Do you tell her to stop crying because whatever is upsetting her isn’t worth it? Do you tell her to grow up and stop being so dramatic? Do you tell her that life is pain, and that she should learn to get used to it?

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