The Ocean and The Wave-Monday Meditation

image credit: wakingtimes

image credit: wakingtimes

Article by Akira Sieben

You may be familiar with the metaphor of the ocean and the wave. It is probably the most common metaphor in the meditation game. It is a pristine illustration of oneness: If the universe is an ocean, then your body is a wave. Your body is not separate from the universe. Your body is a unique swell of an infinite and eternal sea.

Separateness is an illusion created by our mind, a clever deception crafted over millions of years of evolution, to enhance your desire to survive and pass on your genes. Don’t get me wrong: it is a wonderful illusion! It adds depth and love and purpose to existence. But when we get so wrapped up in the illusion that we completely forget the divine reality we are part of, we lose sight of the sacredness of our being.

We believe we are unworthy, but no wave is unworthy in an ocean which deserves the deepest reverence. Even the belief “I am unworthy” is a wave to be honored. When we remember that every moment of our being is divine, we learn to respect the wave of our “self,,” because we respect the ocean of Existence.

Self-respect is happiness. Honoring our own being—every thought, feeling, and movement it comprises. This is the dignity the world desperately craves to recall. And it begins which each of us, reclaiming our own.

Meditation Tip

Make self-reverence a lifelong assignment. Make space in your life to recognize your divine belonging. Use quiet reflection to remember the ocean, and to see through the illusion of a separate self. The object is not to destroy the ego, but to embrace it as part of something bigger. The “individual” wave is a magnificent part of the undivided universe. Give each moment the honor and dignity it deserves.

But, before you become obsessed with “loving” every moment, and changing your “negative” thoughts into “positive” ones, keep in mind that even your “dark” feelings are divine. There is nothing you have to change. You are perfect just the way you are. And every moment is already held in the reverence of your formless Presence.

A wave swells, the ocean diversified and distinguished. Thoughts flash like diamonds on the sun-dazzled sea. Sadness, anger, and fear ebb and flow through Presence, profounder than the deepest blue. Every drop of life is eternal. Every finite form is infinite. What a beautiful metaphor. The ocean, and the wave.