New Year Resolution: Meditation Tip

image credit: wallupnet

image credit: wallupnet

Article by Akira Sieben

It’s a new year, and it’s time to make those dreamy (or dreaded?) New Year resolutions. It is a time to challenge ourselves, to say goodbye to certain conditions in our life, and pave the way for new ones. It is time to change the way we live, so that we can enjoy happier, healthier lives. But, before we get out our pencils and start a laundry list of our imperfections, I challenge you to take a moment—this moment—to see that everything is perfect just the way it Is.

Being the captain of our own fate is one of the best things about being human. But there is one thing which is better: being part of a higher Fate, led by a greater Captain! While these may seem like incompatible privileges, we can learn to revel in them both. We can learn to steer our own ship while embracing our belonging to the Universe. In reality, our journey and the Universe’s journey are One. We cannot veer from Cosmic destiny. Every step taken in our own life leaves a footprint on timeline of Eternity.

So, while we can move forward with our “resolutions” without remorse, we can also make space to love the ground on which we presently stand. Our current conditions are as sacred and allowed as the ones we strive toward. Though it is perfectly natural to want to change “who we are,” we are always an expression of Oneness, and always sanctioned to be exactly what we Are in the moment.

Meditation Tip

Close your eyes and imagine that your body is made not of a single form, but of millions of smaller forms, vibrating in unison. Now imagine that the ground under you is not solid, but a liquid composition of infinite particles, clustered neatly together to appear “solid.” Now, imagine that vibrating atoms from your body are not actually separate from the surface you are sitting on. Cells from your body mingle with particles from the floor, so that there is no real way to distinguish where your body ends and the floor begins!

Using your imagination, you have just intuited the truth of Oneness, corroborated by science for centuries and divined by religion for millennia. Your body and life are atomically united with the body and life of the Universe. So, in a way, nothing is really wrong with your life, because it is a sacred expression of the one and only Life.

Every aspect of your being is a manifestation of the Present Moment. Even your plans for the future are an intimate facet of the Now. And so, while you are absolutely pardoned to stay exactly how you are, you are equally allowed to aim for conditions different and new. So welcome the New Year with your eyes toward the sky. But also, make time and space to honor your life in the Moment, just the way it Is.