Learning To Wield Fire-Meditation Tip

image credit: bsnscb

image credit: bsnscb

Article by Akira Sieben

Rather than being about bliss and transcendence, spirituality is about getting down and dirty with our darkest feelings. Of course, there are those moments of “satori” and “out-of-body” experience, but they only serve as fuel and courage to face the less ecstatic energies of our earthly journey.

Today, I will address one of those “less-than-heavenly” vibrations: anger. Anger is widely shamed in modern society, mostly because people are afraid of it—in themselves and others. The freedom of spirituality is the freedom to feel whatever we are feeling, and to express it.

Allowing our anger to be felt and expressed becomes a lot easier once we know that it has to be expressed, one way or another. The fantasy that we can somehow quash or transcend our rage is unhealthy and actually leads to greater outbursts of anger. Our anger is going to be expressed. We can only choose whether to allow it space and expression in the moment it appears—or to bottle it up until it overflows in more destructive doses!

Of course, there is no need to force it out. But, by becoming more in tune with our body in the present moment, we can learn to honor our feelings as they arise, no matter how “dark” or “scary” or “forbidden” they may seem.

The entire human experience is sacred. There are no forbidden feelings or sacrilegious expressions. Our body is an expression of the Universe Itself. Therefore, there is nothing we can think or feel or do which isn’t profoundly Allowed.


The heart of meditation is being present and open for whatever energies flow through your being. But, you can also bring your focus to specific energies, such as anger, in the effort to make more space and allowance for their expression.

There may be a lot of resistance at first, as you invite anger into your presence. There are many beliefs about anger you may have learned. Anger is bad. Anger is dangerous. Anger is shameful. And it may take awhile to replace those false beliefs with a new one. Anger is Sacred.

Anger is as natural and elemental to the human body as fire is to the Earth. Of course, fire can be very destructive. But, once harnessed and wielded in a constructive way, it can forge civilizations and send humans to the moon.

Yes, it can take time to learn how to harness the fire of our anger. Indeed, we may burn a few bridges before we find the strength and experience to rebuild them, and to build new ones. But the darkest forces are often the ones which can do the most good, we can learn to wield them with love.

Your Presence is the Love which can harness anger in a positive way. But it takes time and dedication. You may not be able to let it all in during your first meditation. But you can make space for anger, little by little, until you learn to embrace it all in a wholesome and valuable way.