Happy New Moment! Monday Ease Tip

For some, meditation is a way to gain control of our mind, and to change our thoughts so that we can change our life. This is not meditation for me.

For me, It is about discovering the illusion of control, and learning that our body and mind belong to greater Reality. From this awareness, we learn that every moment and every movement is sacred. There are no Bad thoughts or Bad feelings, or even Bad behaviors. There is only this divine Oneness, this universal Body to which we all belong.

It is from this deep surrender that we touch upon our deeper, spiritual Self. Beneath our thoughts and feelings and movements, there is this constant Presence. When we learn to identify with this Presence, rather than with the illusion of a “person in control,” we have begun the journey of true healing.

The point of awakening to your deeper Self is coming back to being completely human and seeing that your humanity is Embraced. You are the Love you have always wanted. You are the Parent you have always needed. You are the Presence which never abandons. You are the Embrace which never lets go.

Whatever you think, feel, or do is Held, ever so gently, by the “arms” of your Awareness. Nothing is judged. Nothing is wrong. You are completely and unconditionally Allowed.

It is fun to celebrate the New Year. But the real fun is when we learn that every moment is new, and life becomes an endless stream of celebrations. On that note, Happy New Year! And Happy New Moment! May you find that this one, and every one after is always enough, and always complete. There has never been anything missing from your life. You have always had You, and that is all you will ever need.

Meditation Tip

Close your eyes. Become aware of your thoughts. Where do they come from? They do not come from your Self, because if they did, you would have the power to stop them. In truth, your thoughts flow seamlessly from a higher Source. The Source of your thoughts is the Source of every form and movement of Existence. They belong not to You, but to a sacred Oneness, a divine and undivided Body, which is the Universe Itself.

As you recognize each thought as an expression of Oneness, see that it is sacred in a way, because it is a form of the Eternal, a manifestation of divine Life. Notice how it is allowed to exist, how there is dignity even in the dark thoughts, and magic even in the ones which appear to be mundane.

Now, bring the same awareness to your feelings. They also flow from a Source outside of your Self, like waves in an eternal Ocean. You do not control them. If we controlled our feelings, we would choose to feel only the “good” ones. But as you recognize feelings as expressions of Oneness, notice how they are no longer justified by the labels we give them. There are no longer “good” feelings and “bad” ones. Every feeling is a wave of ancient and divine energy. Your sadness is as sacred as your joy. Your anger is as Cherished as your love. Your anxiety is as Allowed as any other frequency of the Life that unfolds within You.

Even your resistance is Embraced. Even your rejection of the moment is a movement held in Love! You are this Love, which holds even the absence of love. You are this Allowance, which allows even the deepest resistance. You are this Presence, beneath thoughts of “future” and “past.” You are the Space behind the ever-unfolding Moment. You are the Eyes that behold what is Here and Now. You are the Witness to Life Itself.