Fall Into Your Presence

image by dreamicus

image by dreamicus

Article by Akira Sieben

Whether you are enjoying the depths of quiet meditation, or running around like crazy to keep up with daily life, every experience is a dance of atoms, and every moment is a unique expression of the Universe.

Though meditation and “running around” may feel like very different experiences, we are equally Present for both of them. Presence is not dependent on whether your body is still or moving. In fact, your body is never still, even when it appears to be. Your body is an infinite field of atoms in constant motion, whether you are sitting cross-legged on a pillow, or running the marathon of everyday existence.

The Universe is always moving. Through you, about you, within you. But Presence is always still. Your deepest Self is a stoic vigilance that never wavers, and never wanders. It only watches. It only witnesses. It only beholds.

 The goal of meditation is to become aware of your Presence. Sitting still and closing your eyes gives you the priceless opportunity to watch your thoughts and, more importantly, to become aware of who or what is “watching.”

But you don’t even need to “meditate” to be Present. Presence is your natural state, no matter how fast the world moves around you or within you.

Once you realize this beautiful truth, you can “meditate” with eyes wide open. While you’re walking in the park. When you’re talking to a friend. As you stand in line at the checkout. You can be Present when you are lost in the “past,” or fixated on the “future.” Because despite the illusion of time created by your mind, there is only ever Now. And you are only ever Present.

But in order to realize our deeper essence, it helps to close our eyes, and open our senses.

Closing our eyes allows us to become aware of the natural flow of our thoughts and feelings. When we are still, we can see that life is still moving. We cannot stop our thoughts. We cannot end our feelings. We can only realize that they flow from a Source bigger than ourselves.

Call it the Universe. Call it Oneness. Call it God. The name is not important. What is important is that we see that our bodies are part of a greater Body. And our true Self is the spacious Awareness beneath it.

Meditation Tip for Today:

Close your eyes and open your senses. Focus your attention to whatever arises in the moment. But try not to get caught up in one thought or one sensation. Try to let go and let the moment flow.

Images and voices, energies and sounds, flow through You in an endless Stream. As you become more aware of this sacred current, notice how you begin to fall beneath it. Notice the Space in which thoughts and feelings flow. Notice how vast and formless it is. No matter how busy your mind, or how turbulent your emotions, or how chaotic the world is around you, it all fits inside your Presence.

This infinite and intangible Space is your true Self. When you open your eyes, You will still be there. Always Present. Always untouchable. Always embracing the world, but never affected by it. If you have forgotten this sacred truth, then close your eyes and watch the world flow through You. Fall into your Presence.