Why we tend to stick with the familiar? Meditation Tip for Today


Some people sound more alive when they've been long gone than those who are living, and you don't realize they are dead till someone enlightens you of that. Unless of course you make time to get out of your head for long enough to pay attention to what's going on around you, what's real and what's true and what's just the world that happens only in your mind. Yet, what is the world around us? What is real and what is just an old Myth,  but nevertheless we tend to stick to the familiar, because it's safe and it bring us comfort- and that is all we know. Why break free? What's good in the unknown? Here is an article of someone who is dead but he sounds more alive than most of us living. The Nature of Consciousness by Allan Watts read here

Meditation Tip for Today

Allow yourself to step into the unknown; there is always something to learn.

Fear brings an anticipation of the worst but really, if you cross over, you might see something that is beyond this immediate existence, this feeling, this reality. Try it sometimes, mostly we scare the hell out of our own selves.