Nowhere to Run: Meditation Tip for Today


Article by Ray, Innessa

Ask yourself: What quality of the next "now" you are going to have with the thinking you do "now", at this moment?

We all probably experienced times when we wanted to move, to change our job, to escape our current life situation or people we surrounded with, and yet no matter where we went our problems insisted to stay with us, following us with that persistent devotion. Can you stand such loyalty?

Some might have tried to drown those problems with alcohol perhaps, but then you discover that they know how to swim. Some of us maybe consistently dozing out and numbing our minds with drugs to escape, but each time we open our eyes we see them right there amounting and taking more space in our mind and our lives. 

Our life is made up of moments, and each moment we have a thought that leads to action to a decision, a choice, which then translates to a quality of a next moment of "Now" we experience. Sooner we realize that our mindset is what we need to focus on, sooner we will be able to see the changes that we want in our lives. That's how each of us removes those blocks to success to happiness, to prosperity, to peace and balance. Nothing and no one else can remove those blocks but each of us.

No amount of running away will change anything, be assured that your mind/mindset will stay with you wherever you go. There is great saying: "Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul. Ezra Taft Benson -I will add "mind", because we get all confused about what the soul is made off and where to look for it.

Meditation Tip for Today:

1. Pay attention what thoughts your have in each single  moment of "now". That's how we create our life.

2. What do your want to create? Figure it out and then go from there taking one step at a time, in each moment of "now" -to create a life you want to live.