When you are deprived of your senses: The Fog-Guided Imagery

Read the guidance and then close your eyes and imagine:

Image by Russ Widstrand-The Void

Image by Russ Widstrand-The Void

Imagine yourself immersed in a tick milky fog. 

You don't know where is right, where is left, front, or back

Don't panic, relax your body and your mind by letting go

Explore what is behind it 

Now you are floating, so you don't feel the top and bottom

The fog is warm like your body, and there is no sensory feeling of difference between it and you

You might be afraid that it will consume you and you will disappear. Let it go

Now, you become the fog and the fog becomes you

Relax, Float, Surrender, and see what is has to show you

Let go of holding on to your senses, and just float in unknown unfamiliar unfelt void

You are weightless, senseless. and thoughtless

Experience that free senseless existence and just float 

Now, are you still here? 

Meditation Tip for Today

There is more to consciousness then we experience by being in this body. Let yourself be in the unknown with no fear and no resistance. There is something to learn.