Suffering? Step into Your Power-MqMeditation Tip for Today

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Article by Innessa Ray 11/01/2017

So, don't we all feel attached to our desired outcomes at some point? Or even, every single time we want something so badly that we find ourselves we just can't let go of it? We know that desire can be a bitch, because we can't let go of what we want, at least not so easily. Or we fear to loose what we have, and even when we know it's not good for us we still don't want to let it go. We hold on to it too tight.

We resist, we fight, we spend all our energy and all our time to protect what we have, or work very hard to get what we want. Then we find out that that brings lots of unnecessary suffering. Some of us even feel that suffering is somehow noble, Jeez! It gets even worse, when we find out that what we really wanted is no longer appeals to us when we finally get it. Doesn't that make us feel that we have wasted tons of time and energy for nothing? And we laugh at ourselves and our wasted lives, and some of us cry feeling victimized or angry with ourselves. 

But, how do we let go? And why should we let go, many of us ponder. So we turn to a good advice of "finding something to be grateful for" in any situation we are in. We count our blessing, and we try really hard to shift that energy level, get connected, but we don't know exactly how and what are we getting connected to.

Oh, wait, there is The Universe and Us, so we got to connect to that vibration of the energy of the Universe. Get ourselves to vibrate higher and higher, till we get there. We capitalize The Universe too because It sounds more important when we do so. So, what is it? How do we connect, how do find ourselves in peace, and balance, and that desired blissful state that never ends?

It is all Bullshit! And I am not being sarcastic or pessimistic here, nor I am going to give you a hope that there is a magical state, or place of a blissful existence. Yes, there is the universe which is within us and we are within the universe- and we are one- inseparable. There is no duality, so there is nothing to connect to outside of ourselves. 

I teach, and others teach in meditation and spiritual awakening that we got to accept the present, the moment, the Now. The Now as it is.  Well, how about we don't like the present and we don't want to accept it? Should we just submit to suffering the present moment and be content with it, if not happy? Isn't this kind of philosophy that majority of us was taught to submit to, so we don't rebel against those that we think have it all? Should we keep our heads down and just be grateful for what we have and not want anything more? Or maybe we just should hang ourselves and die Now, to end this suffering?

From a spiritual perspective, I would say Yes, be grateful for where you are and count your blessing. And no, hanging would not help cause, first you wouldn't know what is coming next in this biological existence you got to experience, and it wouldn't even matter if you hang yourself or not on the whole realm of existence and how things really work.

Yet, that doesn't necessarily mean that we don't have a right to fight when there is a time to fight, or set boundaries when that what the situation calls for. But, being a good person, from what we were taught makes us feel guilty way to often when we deiced to question things and stand up for ourselves.

The guilt is imposed by the religion and society, so we would keep our heads down even when it HURTS too much. -I read a question yesterday on FB, someone was asking if drinking alcohol makes you sinful; I was about to say: No it just makes you drunk, but the guy had removed his post.  He probably was feeling guilty and sinful for posting it. 

We got to stop feeling guilty for fighting back when we are hurt, and we got to feel free to step into our POWER when the time or situation calls for it. 

There is nothing wrong with desiring things or the outcomes. The only downside of the DESIRE AND HOLDING TOO TIGHT TO THE DESIRED OUTCOMES, IS SUFFERING. So, it would be constructive when we live in the knowledge of THAT, when we make our choices.  Suffer? Not Suffer? Action or Reaction? That is something to ponder about. Don't you think?

Meditation Tip For Today

  1. Live in the moment and feel what you feel with no fear.
  2. Step into You POWER when times and life situations call for it.
  3. Love, cry, laugh, feel, want, let go, and know that each feeling, desire and pain, they are all passing.
  4. Living in your truth means to experience each moment fully as it is with all ups and downs.
  5. Allow yourself to be and feel life as it comes to you without holding on too tight to the outcomes, because guess what, life and time will show what needs to be-and things will fall into place as they should. 
  6. Trust, you will know what to do if you live in relaxed, peaceful balanced state of mind.
  7. Take actions to the best of your understanding the moment you live in, but step back for a bit before you take that action, so the best answer of how to proceed comes to you.
  8. There is no hurry. There is time for everything, even for sleep. :-)