When You Are Awake: MqMeditation Tip for Today

image by spirit earth awakening

image by spirit earth awakening

Article by Innessa Ray 10/31/2017

Let's start with a common definition of the word. 

Origin: before 900; Middle English awak(e)nen, Old English awæcnian earlier on wæcnian. See a- əˈwāk(ə)niNG/ nounan act of waking from sleep. An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. 2. -Adjective coming into existence or awareness. (dictionary.com).

People ask about that moment of awakening, how it feels to experience it or what to do to get into that moment when one wakes up and becomes aware. There is no a nicely paved road with a direction signs of how to get there, but it does start with a self-inquiry. A Self-inquiry starts with your willingness to suspend the non-reality of the "I"-thought; it is an inquiry "within" for the truth of "Who you are". So, ask yourself this important question: Who am I? And see what answers you come up with. 

Many of us don't even realize that we assign our identity to what we were told we are. Some examples would be: our profession, our gender, our place in society, our name that is given to us, being a parent, a partner, a lover, and etc...This self-inquiry of your true identity lies within your spiritual realm, your conscious being. You don't have to go far and look for it somewhere outside of yourself, it is closer than you think.

When I say that each of us got to take the time and make an effort to commit to your daily meditation practice, so you can realize yourself as consciousness itself; many say there is no time for that in their lives. You often would hear people joking: "I don't have time to sit under the tree like Buddha did, or sit on the park benches for two years like Eckhart Tolle did". I get it, we have families to feed, work to do, businesses to run. But, if that is your aim to awake, then make that conscious effort to take little time, at least a few moments each day. Get absorbed into your inner-self and make that self-inquiry, because this is were the awakening begins. 

image by drum & buss mix: youtube

image by drum & buss mix: youtube

Why do I say begins? Because being awakened doesn't mean being perfect, or to know it all. It only means that your thinking and your life journey changes, whereas you live each moment in your awareness of who you are. The reality becomes something completely different than what you thought it was, before you woke up. 

There are challenges for those who are awakened, because you might find yourself to be completely disinterested in the world's affairs. You find it difficult to integrate yourself back to living your life among others, because you realize that you can no longer relate much to how others think, what they talk about, and in general what they are all about. However, you also realize that your are an integral part of this collective consciousness, and you play an important role how things are and how they work.

So, brace yourself for quite interesting experiences, if you decide that it's time for you to self-inquire.

Some people find something to do when they are awakened and others isolate and live reclusive lives. Maybe an awakened individual might not notice much of a difference he/she makes in the world, but even small acts of kindness go a long way. You can spread the word to initiate that shift in consciousness, and help others with what you can.

Judgments and labels don't appeal to you when you are awakened, but it doesn't mean that your mind wouldn't interfere with your "knowing the truth". It only means that you are aware of the tendencies of your mind and you can keep it in check. It takes practice; that is why meditation is useful for training your mind while you live in the truth and reality of an awakened person.

image by unity of boulder

image by unity of boulder

Meditation Tip for Today:

Create that mental space for the self-inquiry.

Don't force yourself to find something outside of yourself; it is closer than your breath.

Commit to your daily meditation practice, and drop everything you have ever known about the reality of things and your self-identity. 

Allow yourself to be open, observant, and curious, like a child that haven't learned anything yet.

Be still, silent, and honest with yourself in your journey to awakening and while awakened.