What is Formless Meditation? - Meditation Tip for Today

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Meditation Tip for Today


1. Don't look for a specific technique/way when it comes to meditation; "Technic can be nothing more than a failed style." (I must heard that somewhere, but sounds like Bruce Lee).

2. Don't complicate things. Bruce Lee once said, in teaching his Jeet Kune Do: "One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity." Keep it simple. Be authentic. That's all to it.

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When it comes to meditation the word "do" doesn't apply but commitment to your practice is what matters. Cultivate your mindset and apply your spiritual being in your approach to meditation. 

When it comes to meditation the word "do" doesn't apply but commitment to your practice is what matters. Cultivate your mindset and apply your spiritual being in your approach to meditation. 

Author: Innessa Ray 10/24/2017

I often get the same question from my clients when I do my guided meditation sessions. How did you get there? Get where? I humorously, challenge them. I feel challenged too because, how do you explain formless, which is spiritual in nature, with a form, which is language? But, let me try here.

We all at some point come to realization that mediation is not means to an end. Because, it's not about what you achieve or attain but rather the quality of your mindset and ability to live in the moment through all the experiences and acceptance of what is. Only then we can connect to the purity of our true nature. 

We have many forms of meditation, some of them come from ancient religious practices. However the western world, especially, seeks quick fix or a short cut to get the benefits of meditation, without understanding the function of it. So, there are many wellness centers and meditation studios that teach people fluff instead of a real thing. 

If we are serious about seeing a real change and experience that shift in our consciousness, we got to be really honest with ourselves. First, realizing that we tend to be more of human-doings than human-beings. So, we think we got to push, to do something, and of course we want to know how and when we are going to finish our pushing and doing to achieve our destination point, our goal. And many people truly want to change their lives, improve their physical and mental health, and demolish  those "so called blocks to their success", but they get disappointed when you tell them that they got to cultivate their mindset and be brutally honest with themselves when it comes to their spiritual views. 

Instead, folks are opting for deep space visualizations and "unicorn land" filled with magic, intuitive readings, "healing crystals", and all that which I call "Form". Sometimes you hear that people wouldn't meditate in any other location or time of the day, because they believe that they need to be in their designated meditation corner, in a quiet room, or have all those meditation props like music, nature, prayer beads, their meditation cushion, and etc..Some give much power to mantras. I'm not saying it's not helpful to have props, it's all cute n' comfy, but it has nothing to do with our mindset and awakening. What do we do, when we have a massive anxiety attack and our meditation corner or prayer beads are not around?

It is not that complicated. Meditation is simply a disciplined practice to train our mind, to turn inward, to acknowledge the minds content without identifying with that content. It is a journey as life is, it is not an end itself. 

People get excited about meditation, thinking that they are about to dip into that life force outside of themselves and magically everything will fall into place in their lives.

How long we are going to hold onto that imagined or man-made external force to save us from ourselves? Deep inside we know that there is none? But, we are too afraid to admit there is no one else but us, and each of us is responsible. I guess so much easier to rely on vibrating crystals or magic to heal us or save us. 

Sometimes you even would hear a question, however legit, how do I get enlightened? We are joking about this one more often than not. Well, we can sit under the tree and ignore the world's suffering and decay, like Buddha did, or perhaps, simply turn on the light. Don't we feel puzzled about the idea of "enlightenment"? If you think about it, we have a lot of ideas when it comes to spirituality. What lies behind those ideas? That is the real question would be good to keep in mind.