How to Be Perfect? What is Perfection?

-photo by googdreads-

-photo by googdreads-

Author: Innessa Ray -10/22/2017

Meditation Tip for Today

You know, we often use the word perfection, but in reality there is no perfection in this world and none should be. What is perfection? Who invented the notion of it? 

The word "perfection" derives from the Latin "perfectio", and "perfect" — from "perfectus." These expressions in turn come from "perficio" — "to finish", "to bring to an end." "Perfectio(n)" thus literally means "a finishing", and "perfect(us)" — "finished", much as in grammatical parlance ("perfect").

Are we finished? I would say that we are an endless work in progress, and there is no end to our growth, our aspirations, our seeking for the truth and the meaning of our existence. 

Who do you think had an authority to set an ideal type, or description, or a definition of an ideal type for perfection? Who knows better what's up?

Perhaps, many of us wondered that perfection means simply conforming to the description of an ideal type of a person or a thing? Notice, "Conforming". The description, that was defined for each of us by someone. What do you think is the purpose for that?

Of course, we don't want our airplanes to have flaws and cars to crash, because someone did a lousy job or was unskilled to make them well. But, do we want someone out there that had no authority or expertise to set the markers for perfection, or even invent the word "perfection". Have you wondered that could only make us human-beings just feel bad about ourselves or have us to conform to the will of those who we think know better? Know better, what to think, how to dress, what to listen, what to believe, and how to be.

We are not perfect, and we might never be. All we can do is take one step at a time and keep moving toward better understanding of who we are, what we can do to improve our lives and awaken, to become better human beings. We are all here for a long howl, and we will be better off to work together to make this world a better place to be.

There are lots of hatred, greed, and fear among us. Many of us act from a place of fear or greed to survive, to achieve more, to poses more. We forget about empathy, being really there for each other, having each others backs, and maybe carrying about how to preserve this planet, so our descendants could have a biological experience we are enjoying.

Forget about the reality you see. It's not real, it is fed to us by those who are greedy and want more. Let's make our own reality that is filled with love and hope. 

Meditation Tip of the Day.

1. Sit down and take a look around. 

2. The nature world is beautiful and unassuming. 

3. Take a look at simple life, like birds, aunts and butterflies.

4. Let's learn from them how to be.

5. That is perfection, if we got to use this word. The simple, progressive being-a deep connection with the nature of things, with The Tao.