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We are all intertwined together, but somehow we still resist that in every way possible. 

We are all intertwined together, but somehow we still resist that in every way possible. 

What is Quietude?

—Each of us encounters many diverse experiences that make us grow and transform, but we seek to return to our roots, which is quietude.
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad
*The state of being quiet; tranquillity; calmness; stillness; quiet.


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Malibu Quietude, is a boutique meditation and wellness brand based in Malibu, CA, was founded in 2015. The natural beauty of this peaceful coastal area had inspired and moved the creators of this modern and more fluid approach to meditation and awakening that focuses on "Function" rather than "Form", with regard to our approaches to spirituality. 

The fragrance of incense, a meditation pillow, peaceful music, a certain time or place, may be used to achieve a certain set and setting, but cannot be viewed as viable instruments of achieving an "enlightened state of mind".  There is no static state of mind, there is only the realization of who we are and this is where we begin our journey. We must learn how to live in the present moment without labeling it as good or bad.

Do not deny the classical approach simply as a reaction, for you will have created another pattern and trapped yourself  there.  Bruce Lee
Eat when hungry, sleep when tired.  Zen saying

Malibu Quietude meditation focuses on spiritual development, and formless approach to meditation and awareness. 

Meditation should be used as a medicine not as a diet. Its use must be healing and helping us to be lifted from an egocentric state. -Alan Watts

Our Mission? -It starts with a team effort. Together with our dedicated team of forward thinkers we strive to create a community where love rules and birds sing, while we learn through practice of meditation to hear them. Where an old myth of our belief system is demolished and we see the reality as is. Where we learn that we are all in this wave together, weaving the reality in this form. 

Matter isn't composed of atoms, but instead is made up of quantum fields which interact with one another, weaving "reality" out of these interactions. Mark Prince